유럽과 동구권 홈스쿨링 운동을 위해 기도해 주세요

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제럴드 휴브너(Gerald Huebner)의 기도 요청을 함께 나눕니다. 

제럴드 휴브너는 캐나다의 홈스쿨법률보호연합(HSLDA)을 섬기고 있고, 국제홈에듀케이션컨퍼런스의 이사 중 한 분이십니다. 

2017년 5월 17일부터 6월 4일까지 다음과 같이 홈스쿨링 관련 컨퍼런스가 있는데, 자기 딸(홈스쿨링으로 자랐고, 지금은 4 명의 자녀를 홈스쿨링하고 있음)과 함께 강사로 참여하게 됐다고 기도요청을 보내왔습니다. 
ㅇ 5월 19일(로마): 유럽 교육 자유 및 홈스쿨링 컨퍼런스 - 기독교인들의 홈스쿨링과 제자훈련 관련 컨퍼런스 
ㅇ 부다페스트: 세계가정회의(World Congress of Families) - 몇몇 유럽 국가들의 정부에서 파견한 교육관계자들을 만나게 됨 
ㅇ 5월 29일(키에프): 홈 에듀케이션 컨퍼런스 우크라이나의 홈스쿨러들 컨퍼런스 
ㅇ 6월 2일(벨라루스 고멜): 홈 에듀케이션 워크샵 
ㅇ 6월 3일(벨라루스 민스크): 기독교 홈스쿨링에 관한 일일 세미나 

이 기간 동안 제럴드와 제럴드의 딸 다이앤이 함께 강사로 참여하고, 그 동안 제럴드의 아내인 베브(Bev)가 다이앤의 네 자녀들(10, 8, 4, 1세)을 보살펴야 합니다. 

위 기간 동안 유럽과 동구권에서의 기독교 홈스쿨링에 관한 컨퍼런스와 세미나, 워크샵 등이 잘 진행돼 홈스쿨링 운동이 잘 퍼지도록 기도해주세요. 


아래 Gerald Huebner의 이메일 원문을 첨부합니다. 


I am writing to ask you for your support in prayer as I head out on another international homeschool mission as part of my role with HSLDA Canada and the Global Home Education Board. Having just got back home in mid March from conferences in Russia and Dubai, I was not planning on another so soon, but God had other plans and now being retired I could say "yes, I could do that". 

On this trip my daughter Diane will be my ministry partner  (Homeschool graduate and now homeschool mom of 4, and yes that means Bev will be at home in Manitoba with the 4 little ones to care for) so Diane will be accompanying me and speaking as well. We will be attending and speaking at conferences in Italy, Hungary, Ukraine and Belarus on this trip. This will certainly be an adventure as we don't believe that there have ever been a homeschool conferences in Ukraine or Belarus. We were invited by pastors in these countries who are interested in home education. 

We would love to have you join us in person, but as this is not likely, we would really appreciate your joining us on our mission with your support in prayer. We are convinced of the crucial need for a foundation of prayer as we set out into the world where Christian home education is both new and technically illegal in some of the countries. We are setting out on an adventure that we believe was led by the Lord in the way that contacts were made and arrangements fell into place. We will speak to home educators and prospective home educators in all four countries and do seminars in two different cities in Belarus (Minsk and Gomel). We know that support in prayer is needed as we travel, speak, and minister in these foreign lands. 

We will leave Canada on May 17 and come back home on June 4th with many hours of flying time in between. 

The first conference is in Rome on May 19, European Freedom of Education and Homeschooling conference. This is a Christian family education and discipleship conference and both of us will be speaking. Next we will be in Budapest at the World Congress of Families where we have also been asked to meet with government delegations from several European nations. On May 29 we will do a full day home education conference in Kiev along with Victor and Nadya Ovsanik (veteran Ukrainian home educators - a very rare breed). On June 2nd we speak at a home education workshop in Gomel, Belarus. The next day we go to Minsk, Belarus for another full day of speaking on Christian home education. 

Pray that God would speak through us at all these events and as we fellowship and interact with people in these countries. Also please pray for Bev as she takes on 4 children while we are gone (age 10, 8, 4  and 1). 

Thank you, 

If you would like to be a prayer partner and receive email updates from us on our ministry trip, please reply to this email and we will make sure you receive updates as you pray. 

In Christ, 

Gerald Huebner and Diane Kroeker

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